Bullying is a rampant problem in schools all over the world. Although some maybe just a simple case of intimidation, some have been grave enough to cause trauma to other students, to the extent that some even committed suicide.

Sadly, these bullying even occur inside the school campuses where parents trust their children to be safe. Thus, it was no surprise how netizens reacted over an uploaded video showing a student being bullied inside their school.

Netizens Enraged Over Viral Video of Bully Slapping Another Student Inside Their Campus

A 2 minute video credited to Sofia Jane Dator shows a confrontation between two students, one girl sitting and another hovering over her. Suddenly, the girl on her PE uniform ‘Celene’ slapped the other thrice while cursing her. The bully’s friends can be seen and heard on the background laughing out while the act was done.

Finally, one of her friends escorted the bully away, but not without threatening the other student that it was not the end of their feud. However, while the other walked away, another claiming to be Celene’s bestfriend also confronted and threatened the girl.

The bullied girl from the viral video was identified as Tasha Zuniga, a 14-year old student from Sacred Heart College Lucena city. The school administration has claimed that the incident happened last year, and was already dealt with.

However, the relatives of Tasha claims that there had been no action from the school, and they were shocked since they only recently saw the video. They also claim that they were prompted to upload the video due to the lack of action from the school.

The girl’s mother, an OFW in Abu Dhabi, was fuming over the incident and slammed Sacred Heart College to take appropriate actions so the same will not happen to other students.

One commenter claiming to be a close friend of the mother’s victims claim that the feud started when ‘Celene’ got jealous over Tasha. The identity of the bully has been disclosed by netizens, but since deactivated her Facebook account.

*Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. It is often a repeated action which becomes a routine. However, this may have serious, lasting problems to both the one who bully and the other being bullied.

To prevent bullying, educators and parents should work hand-in-hand to make children understand that bullying is unacceptable. They should also be informed of how to get help when caught in that situation.

*Source: StopBullying.gov