One of the frequently asked questions of teachers who transferred from private to public sector is what happens to their contributions from Social Security System (SSS) to Government Service Insurance System (GSIS). Here is what you need to know if you are in a similar situation.

Republic Act 7699, also known as the Portability Law, allows members who are set to retire but did not meet the required number of contributions to still avail retirement benefits by combining the number of contributions from both SSS and GSIS to satisfy the required years of service. Currently, GSIS requires a minimum of 15 years contribution to qualify for pension, while SSS requires at least ten years.

Portability Law (R.A. 7699)

Summary: Republic Act No. 7699 “An Act Instituting Limited Portability Scheme in the Social Security Insurance Systems by Totalizing the Workersʹ Creditable Services or Contributions in each of the Systems”

Pursuant to Section 6 of Republic Act No. 7699 entitled “An Act Instituting Limited Portability Scheme in the Social Security Insurance Systems by Totalizing the Workersʹ  Creditable Services or Contributions in each of the Systems” the following Rules and Regulations are hereby promulgated to effectively implement the provisions of the Act.

RULE I : COVERAGE Section 1. These rules and regulations shall apply to all worker‐members of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) and/or Social Security System (SSS) who transfer from one sector to another, and who wish to retain their membership in both Systems.

RULE II : INTERPRETATION Section 1. These rules shall be interpreted in the light of the Declaration of Policy found in Section I of the Act: “ It is hereby declared the policy of the State to promote the welfare of our workers by recognizing their efforts in productive endeavors and to further improve their conditions by providing benefits for their long years of contribution to the national economy.” Toward this end, nothing in the Act shall be construed to diminish or reduce the benefits being enjoyed by a cover worker arising from existing laws, issuances and company policies or practices or agreements between the employer and the employees and any conflicting interpretation of the law and the implementing rules and regulations shall be resolved in favor of the workers.


The portability of years of service from one system to another aptly describes the name “Portability Law.” The said law was enacted on April 27, 1994 and was signed by Former President Fidel V. Ramos.

It is important to take note and understand the conditions of this law because many are still uninformed that such grounds exist. Do not think that some of your contributions would go to waste.

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