With the advancement of technology, it is really no surprise that the education sector would also go digital. Since the launch of the K-12 Basic Education Program, the tablet-based learning system at schools has been considered.

President Rodrigo Duterte expressed support over the idea and even plans to order the Department Of Education (DepEd) to replace textbooks with tablets to modernize institutions and likewise help students learn digital communications at an early age.

Manila Bulletin reports the President desires to digitize every government transactions, especially applications for documents.


“Sinabi ko na, online na lang (I said everything should be done online now). Passport, online. Clearances online. Gamitin na ninyo (You should use it now) because it is the digital age,” he said.

Due to the coming of this digital era, Duterte said he wants Filipino children to learn about the growing technology at an early age through the use of tablets which will contain PDF learning materials and online educational activities.

“Ang pag-asa natin ay ang mga anak natin (Our children are our hope). So they have to learn the basics about cyberspace and everything, digital communications,” Duterte said.

The President added that instead of textbooks, the government will purchase gadgets for each children, and they will start learning about it as early as first year high school.

Duterte admits the fact that the proposal will cost the government a lot of money, but he pledges to find funding to make it a reality.

“And I will save enough money for this. It’s gonna be billions but I will save for something that is beneficial to our children,” he said.

During his speech after returning from the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation in Vietnam, he reiterated the importance of developing ‘human capital’ at the multinational summit. Thus, he will require Filipino children to learn the basics about cyberspace and everything.