After graduation, you are now ready to take in your role as a teacher in the real world. But with so many education graduates looking for jobs all at the same time, how do you stand out?

It all goes down on how you present the first things your potential employers would view; your resume and cover letter. You have to make these two things a cut above the rest.

Make sure your curriculum vita is up to date and only contains relevant information your employer needs. Whether you already have teaching experience or none, how you construct your resume is what truly matters.

If you are a newly qualified teacher, better show them your potential by relating the things that you have learned by experiences so far. Include the challenges you have encountered, how you overcame them, and what you can offer on a personal and professional level.

Sample Application Letter for Teachers

Download Here: Sample Application Letter for Teachers

Sample CV/Resume

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Download Here CV/Resume Sample

Do not be intimidated by other applicants’ long list of experiences.

Having some years of teaching experience can help boost your confidence level, but what truly matters is how your own initiatives or methods made changes during your practice. Eventually, improved student outcomes are how all teachers are judged.

A lot of applicants today have neglected the importance of a cover letter. Doing so would entail your professionalism and you would have the chance to show the sincerity of your application without having the interview first.

Another important tip

Do your research. Know more about the school you are targeting to get in and know other insights about the position you are applying for. Once you get some feedback, use it as an advantage in your resume and when you get the chance to be called in for an interview.

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