The IPCRF or Individual Commitment and Review Form shows what the teacher has been done for the school year.

The key result areas or KRAs is where the individual performance is being measured. Consisting of paperworks, pictures, tests results, computed grades, seminars/ workshops and other related evidences.

For teachers the sample key result areas are:

1. Teaching Learning Process


a. Developed daily lesson plans/learning logs and instructional materials to adapt the curriculum to the needs of the learners
b. Provided both individualized and group instruction in all classes assigned as teaching load for the current school year
c. Facilitated three engaging lessons with the help of ICT every quarter (total of 12 ICT lessons for the whole school year)
d. Held demonstration teaching lessons in class once a year. Lesson observation focusing on:
1. Higher order thinking skills
2. Note taking skills
3. Study skills
4. Retention skills

2. Pupils/ Students Outcomes


a. Administered group teacher-made and standardized tests set by the Region/Division/School for the current school year.
b. Monitored and evaluated student progress for every quiz and activity and encouraged the class to be responsible for their own and each other’s learning.
c. Conducted regular remediation to improve scores of low peforming students.
d. Increased the general average of student scores by 2% at the end of the school year.

3. Community Involvement


a. Communicated regularly with parents (in writing or through conferences) to discuss learner’s progress and the current school program for learning
b. Facilitated the improvement of identified gaps in learning through a regular tutorial with the help of parent volunteers

4. Professional Growth and Development


a. Attended teacher training or seminar to improve teaching competency at least twice a year
b. Facilitated professional development workshops/talks/Seminars for other teachers at least once a year
c. Collaborated with fellow teachers, the school heads or the appropriate authority to develop the method by which the teacher will be evaluated

5. Class Management


a. Decreased average rate of absenteeism by 1% every quarter

Sample IPCRF RATING FORM ready to download:

IPCRF-COPY ready to download

Sample IPCRF PORTFOLIO ready to download:

Sample IPCRF ready to download