It is a misnomer when some people say that a critical mind finds fault with everything. Critical thinking is not being cynical. It is a useful skill that distinguishes a successful learner from a poor learner.

Consider the following characteristics:

  1. admits a lack of understanding
  2. is not afraid to ask a question
  3. weights statements and arguments
  4. examines beliefs or assumption and weight them against facts
  5. listens carefully before giving feedback
  6. looks at a problem from a multiple perspective
  7. support opinions with data
  8. is honest with himself or herself
  9. overcomes confusion instead of wallowing in limbo
  10. looks for answer
  11. takes the time to produce many ideas
  12. looks for connection among details
  13. is eager to learn from others.


  1. You can increase your ability to perform thinking processes. For example, when you face a problem, you are disciplined to use your head rather than let your emotion overrule you. An example is when you lose your notes. When you let your emotion ruin you, you will sulk and blame everyone. On the other hand, if you use critical thinking, you will look for ways to get the information in those notes form other source. You might also have a firm resolve to keep your notes in an envelope or filler.


  1. You can be a valuable student and employee because you always think of better ways to do a task at hand


  1. You can produce knowledge. This does not mean that have to be Albert Einstein. It means that you make sense of what you learn in school, and combine these with your previous readings, and discard those that your critical mind says are implausible.


  1. You can increase your creativity. A critical mind always asks question, explores possibilities, and tries new ideas. These are the same processes that inventors and business owner go through.


  1. You can be an effective leader. A person with a critical mind is ahead of his/her league because he/she is someone who thinks out of a box. While others are just happy with the status quo, a critical thinker refuses to sit on the fence and allow dishonesty, mediocrity, and filth to rule the world.