According to the Department Education Department Order 8, s. 2015 dated April 1, 2015, DepEd will follow a new grading system for K-12 Basic Education Program. This will be in effect for all grade levels in public schools from elementary to Senior High School.

Although private schools are not required to implement the same guidelines, DepEd strongly urge them to follow the policies as well. However, non-DepEd schools are permitted to modify policy guidelines in accordance to their institution’s Philosophy, Vision, and Mission with the approval of the appropriate DepEd Regional Office.

Grading of students is an important part of the learning process because it allows the teachers to track and measure the learners’ progress. The new Grading System is more specific than the previous one. Some of the changes are the new components consist of Written Work, Performance Tasks and Quarterly Assessments. It also introduces a new Transmutation Table.

New Grading Components for Grades 1-10
New Grading Components for Grades 1-10
K to 12 Grading System Components for Senior High School

The minimum grade to pass a specific learning area will be 60 which is transmuted to 75 in the report card. The lowest mark on the report card would be 60 for quarterly and final grades.

Read the full DepEd Order here: DO_s2015_08 – Classroom Assessment for K to 12 by DepEd Tambayan on Scribd

The grading system took effect since school year 2015-2016 and was signed by former DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro. The order also stated, “The K to 12 Basic Education Program uses a standards-and-competency-based grading system. All grades will be based on the weighted raw score of the learners’ summative assessments.”