After finishing Senior High School, one of the things you should consider is where to go to for college. If you are driven and ambitious, you would probably have University of the Philippines at the top of your list.

UP is not just cited as one of the best universities in the Philippines, but also in the world. Thus, you could expect that getting into this prestigious institution would not be a walk in the park. But with proper preparation and research, you would increase your chances of being a ‘scholar ng bayan.’

This coming August, applications shall be opened for those who would like to take the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT). The purpose of this examination is to limit slots for freshman admission to each campus and to its various degree programs.

Contrary to popular belief, you will be allowed to take the examination even if you grades on your past three years from high school are really low. However, it will still be considered once your University Predicted Grade (UPG) gets computed.

The UPCAT is consisted of 4 subtests in Language Proficiency, Science, Mathematics and Reading Comprehension. Standardize scores on these subtests are then combined with the weighted average of final grades that you had from Grade 9-11.

Thus, if you feel that your grades from the past years had been too low, aim for a higher score in your UPCAT.

When accomplishing your form, you can list down up to 2 campus choices and 2 course choices for each campus.Each campus has a different UPG requirement depending on the number of students that would be allowed to enroll every academic year.

The UPCAT Application fee is Php450 for Filipinos with annual gross income of more than Php130,000 and resident foreign applicants studying in the Philippines. Non-resident foreign applicants should pay US$50.

What to expect when taking UPCAT? You need to rely on your stock knowledge to get you through the exam. Do not be surprised to see Math and Science questions in Filipino, so better brush up on your vocabulary.

Take note that if you are choosing a communication course, you should have a higher score in Language and Reading. Likewise, if you are going for an engineering or mathematical science related course, you Math and Science scores should be good. However, you should have a passing grade for all the subtests.

You can apply online through or directly to httpw:// or get you application forms from your authorized school representative, the System Office of Admission in UP Diliman or the Office of the Registrar in a UP campus outside UP Diliman.

Fill out Form 1 completely and provide the required documents. The UPCAT Form 2 shall be filled out by your high school principal or school head. Pay the corresponding test fee, then submit the accomplished UPCAT Forms 1 and 2 together with all other required documents to UP Office of Admissions or selected Regional UPCAT application filing centers. Afterwards, you may claim your test permit.

There are a lot of review materials online which can help you pass the exam, but getting help from review centers can also be an option. Good luck!

Source: University of the Philippines Official Website